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New Android version 0.2001.7-beta being deployed with a few bug fixes:
🔷 New app icon
☑ Sync over rooms wasn’t always working
☑ Show success/failure toasts for room invites
☑ Correct email subject for bug reports

"Okay children, where does water come from?"

In Unison: "Nestlé!"

"That's right. And who steals our water?"

In Unison: "The Fremen!"

"Very good, everyone gets an extra 2 ounces!"

Children "Yay!"


So I’ve been reading more old library newsletter stuff today and here are some highlights! Threading unlocked.

From LCSH, acknowledgement that maybe family counseling isn’t just for “problem families”


Double check that your voter registration for 2020 is current. Do it now, the deadline will be sooner than you think.

If you don't understand an argument for something, but still use it anyway, you are probably wrong. This is called cargo culting.

Inspired by some dude telling me git's code is bad because it uses goto a lot.

politic 'getting older' shitpost that's true 

becoming more leftist each year because the promised improvements or fixes to capitalism never actually materialize and because things get worse instead while capitalists insist it's Good Actually

elementary OS 5.1 Hera is here with a brand new first-run experience, Flatpak support, accessibility and System Settings improvements, app updates, and the latest hardware support. Existing users of Juno, run your updates to get it. Read all about it:

For what it's worth, JMAP, which no one uses yet, is coming to meli as well.

This will raise the count of mail storages of #meli to five: maildir, mbox, imap, notmuch and jmap

#email #rust #tui

A week ago Unbox Therapy featured the Librem 13 v4 on their channel We had no idea they were going to do the review and were so happy that both Lewis and Willy found it "Simple, Clean. The most secure experience you can have." If you haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, which is nearly on 2.4m views, we've got a summary of highlights for you #Purism #Librem #Librem13 #PureOS #Linux #linuxLaptop

@purism says #Librem5Birch has shipped as of yesterday. Wondering if anyone has one yet (supposedly a lot of the US domestic ones were one-day shipping).

#Librem5 #Purism

My talk today at HTW Berlin for World Usability Day 2019 just finished, and the people seemed to like it.

Slides here: (German)

The Ethical Design Manifesto by @indie / @aral and @laura was an essential part of it since this is my contribution to spreading the word and raising awareness :)

And one attendee literally said it was the highlight of his day.

Super grateful to have experienced that, and yes I was on a little high afterwards *yippieeee*

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New version of Site.js with live reload, build in progress… ;)

Did you know the Site.js binaries for Linux (x64), macOS, Windows 10 and ARM (armv6l & armv7l – read: Raspberry Pi and more – are all built on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

#SiteJS #SmallTech

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