If you are seeing this, please recommend me #retrocomputing Masto accounts to follow.

SCP-style laptop sticker generator updated with a new five-armed spiral galaxy design, with such amazing features as:
- more thematic to the SCP universe
- no longer looks like a swastika at a glance (even though the old one wasn't even clockwise)
- something else i'm sure


ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

“She also told conference it was her ‘dream’ to see asylum seekers put on a one-way flight to Rwanda.”

Imagine how vile you have to be for this to be your dream.

Imagine how despicable you have to be to vote for people this vile.


#tories #conservatives #uk #ukPol

Probably a good time to share @fedizine again. Our anarchist introduction to federated social media :anarchy_black:


Someone share it on twitter so we can see some unhinged Twitter takes too :jokerfied:

Hello new members of the fediverse! I'm always looking for new pets for my pets only instance fluffy.family

If you have a pet you should make an account for them!

#OtD 3 Oct 1993, Katerina Gogou, Greek anarchist poet, author and actor died by suicide aged just 53. After the fall of the dictatorship, she was a key figure in the early Athens anarchist scene, and a vigourous proponent of trans and gay rights libcom.org/history/katerina-go

1. We're about to see LOTS of new users on Mastodon.

Before that happens, it's time for me to talk about my own journey on the Fediverse -- at this point, I'm a veteran user. 🧵

I never thought I'd be able to build a mobile app.

I never thought I'd be able to build an ethical alternative to Instagram.

I never thought joining mastodon would push me beyond my wildest expectations.

Thank you #fediverse ❤️

mutual aid / FOSS development donations 

Psst, hey. I themed my ko-fi profile. You should take a look.


Tell me what you think. If you're feeling spicy, donate please? It's mutual aid *and* will help with my open source software development.

Boosts appreciated, I'm cutting out the asking after this one...

@ajroach42 then I'd vote FairEmail on Android and probably a terminal client on Linux, either neomutt, aerc or meli. I still like Geary for a GUI well enough, too.

@ajroach42 what operating system(s) do you need to cover? On Mac, I use MailMate and Mimestream. In terminal, cross platform, I use aerc. Android, I've been very happy with FairEmail.

@ocdtrekkie @aral I'm leaning that way, too--I've got one at home, one ina data center

@ocdtrekkie @aral I don't--I would just need another, as mine is fully occupied right now.

@fluffyfied the Murderbot Diaries (series of 6 books) by Martha Wells feature a non-gendered protagonist and have a number of non-binary characters.

@dinderex I've got an isolated space for the server so noise is not a huge issue. Power is not too expensive, either. Budget is sub ~$1k, ideally.

@aral do you have any recommendations for small home servers? I've got a nuc and a pibox, but I'm looking for something to run a community nextcloud instance (and eventually some kitten sites)?

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