@ben It's been a long time. Hope all is well. Thanks for setting this up!


Too long! What are you up to?

@ben I've been living in Paris the last 6 years - (married a French lady) Working as a web engineer & project manager to a couple French start-ups. In the future, we're considering moving to California, too.

@nwharton Ah of course, I saw you were in Paris. Have you been enjoying married life abroad?

@ben Very much! It's funny to compare cultures, too. How did you get to western Mass? On another topic, also, maybe of interest to others: How did you get into Mastodon? Have you used it a while or is this a first experiment? For me, I hadn't heard of it before - so I don't yet know e.g: the social notification norms, yet ;).

@nwharton Western Mass was a bit of happenstance -- my wife came here to finish a book, and we really like it. Went to Brooklyn, but moved back here in July. Re: Mastodon -- I've been interested for a while. Saw some people leaving Twitter ( @sir@cmpwn.com was one ), and finally decided to spin one up after playing around on the SDF.org instance. Seemed like a very I School experiment, too, and it's interesting to see who's already got a presence elsewhere, like @npdoty :)

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