If you are seeing this, please recommend me #retrocomputing Masto accounts to follow.

SCP-style laptop sticker generator updated with a new five-armed spiral galaxy design, with such amazing features as:
- more thematic to the SCP universe
- no longer looks like a swastika at a glance (even though the old one wasn't even clockwise)
- something else i'm sure


ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

“She also told conference it was her ‘dream’ to see asylum seekers put on a one-way flight to Rwanda.”

Imagine how vile you have to be for this to be your dream.

Imagine how despicable you have to be to vote for people this vile.


#tories #conservatives #uk #ukPol

Probably a good time to share @fedizine again. Our anarchist introduction to federated social media :anarchy_black:


Someone share it on twitter so we can see some unhinged Twitter takes too :jokerfied:

Hello new members of the fediverse! I'm always looking for new pets for my pets only instance fluffy.family

If you have a pet you should make an account for them!

#OtD 3 Oct 1993, Katerina Gogou, Greek anarchist poet, author and actor died by suicide aged just 53. After the fall of the dictatorship, she was a key figure in the early Athens anarchist scene, and a vigourous proponent of trans and gay rights libcom.org/history/katerina-go

1. We're about to see LOTS of new users on Mastodon.

Before that happens, it's time for me to talk about my own journey on the Fediverse -- at this point, I'm a veteran user. 🧵

I never thought I'd be able to build a mobile app.

I never thought I'd be able to build an ethical alternative to Instagram.

I never thought joining mastodon would push me beyond my wildest expectations.

Thank you #fediverse ❤️

mutual aid / FOSS development donations 

Psst, hey. I themed my ko-fi profile. You should take a look.


Tell me what you think. If you're feeling spicy, donate please? It's mutual aid *and* will help with my open source software development.

Boosts appreciated, I'm cutting out the asking after this one...

@aral do you have any recommendations for small home servers? I've got a nuc and a pibox, but I'm looking for something to run a community nextcloud instance (and eventually some kitten sites)?

We need your help! 👋

Bitwarden is evaluating a new product tailored for developers and DevOps teams, to understand how they manage developer and infrastructure-oriented secrets, such as API keys, certificates, etc.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this short screener:

docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI #DevOps #developer #cybersecurity

Offpunk, an offline-first command-line client for the smolnet (Web, Gemini, Gopher, RSS…)


(this is the new official repository)

I’ve also got a bunch of updates I’ll be making to Watson – the best-practices elementary OS application template – based on my experiences in building Comet as a Vala app for elementary OS.

You can follow the issues here: github.com/small-tech/watson/i

Once those are done, I’ll consider Watson ~beta quality.

And once Comet has been accepted on AppCenter and I’ve added anything else I’ve learned to it (and hopefully got some feedback from the community), it should be ready for general use.

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After a month, I feel more comfortable searching with
Neeva.com than I have in years of using Google, DuckDuckGo, Cuil (RIP), and others. Paying for a product makes the relationship clear. Everything old is new. My referral link: neeva.com/p/signup?o=s&c=c3dt5 or try it without my code -- I genuinely think it's great.

There was a new person at cribbage club tonight who had a board *tattooed on her arm* so she could play anywhere with just cards and a marker and I’m still not over it

PS. That’s the administration page, not what folks who want to sign up for a Small Web place will see. That’s currently this ;)

#SmallWeb #Domain #Place

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